How does Shipping a Bike work ?

  1. Signup online to arrange for Bike Shipping at the previous bike event page.
    We will contact you to confirm your request and your welcome packet will be sent to you via US Mail or e-mail (if time does not permit mailing).

  2. We arrange for bike pick up from your home, work, or local bike shop ($12 additional pick up fee).
    Bikes can also be dropped at any local UPS / FedEx ship center at no additional cost.

  3. We keep you informed via e-mail of your bike’s pick up, arrival and return shipping.
    You can also login to our website at any time to track your shipment.

  4. If loss or damage occurs during shipping, we will serve as your advocate. We initiate the claim, fill out the forms, and see the process through to resolution.

It's that easy. Your bike case/box will be waiting for you at your destination.


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