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High Country Shipping provides bicycle and luggage shipping for
Vuelta Puerto Rico on January 29th - 31st, 2016

Professional bike assembly is available through
a local bike shop and will be annouced soon

Details: Your bike will be picked up at your door or from your local bike shop, shipped via UPS, assembled by one of Vuelta’s official bike shops and delivered to your hotel. At the finish, simply return your bike to the shop that assembled it and it will be carefully packed and shipped back to you.

We specialize in bikes and supports many other cycling events in the United States. Our goal is to make the shipping process as inexpensive and easy as possible. We send shipping labels in advance and arrange timely pick-ups. We also provide riders with information regarding the cost to assemble and disassemble bikes as agreed upon with local bike stores.

Before bikes begin arriving to the bike shops, HCS will send each shop a manifest of riders who have arranged shipping. The manifest will list the rider’s contact info and local hotel delivery info. Bikes are delivered to local partner hotels listed on the Vuelta website. In the unlikely event bikes are lost or damaged during shipping, we become that rider’s advocate. Wefile the claim and track down the lost shipment. For more information, please email HCS at

Why Ship your Bike with High Country Shipping ?   click here
  How does Bike Shipping work ?   click here
Shipping Procedures and Pricing
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Shipping Price Quotes are based on a bike case/box that weighs up to 60 lbs. with a bike case/box dimensional size of up to 130 and is automatically insured for $1,000.

Additional insurance is available at $1.25 per $100 of insurance for a maximum additional insurance amount of $3,000. The additional insured value plus the initial $1,000 insurance can not exceed $4,000 total.     

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Step 1  Calculate your Bike Case/Box Dimensional Size Click here to calculate your Bike Case Dimensional Size
  spacerConfirm your Bike Case/Box Dimensional Size prior to receiving a
shipping price quote below as this may affect your final shipping cost.
Step 2   Click on your State for pricing and ship by dates
  US Map
  Pricing is ONE-WAY and may vary depending on the actual size and weight of your bike case
or box. An oversized fee may apply depending on your bike case dimensional size.
spacer   Preparing your Bike for Transit

Click HERE for additional information regarding Vuelta Puerto Rico

Vuelta Puerto Rico

Event Shipping Specifics
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  High Country Shipping’s Services for Vuelta Puerto Rico
  • UPS/FedEx bike shipping direct to Vuelta Puerto Rico bike shop partners and hotels.
  • Bicycle assembly and disassembly can be arranged through .
  • Return Shipping from Vuelta Puerto Rico.
  Pick up your Bike
  1. Bikes that are to be assembled will be delivered (after assembly) directly to Vuelta Puerto Rico partner hotels by partner bike shops.
  2. Bikes will be shipped directly to the hotels of riders who wish to self-assemble their bikes.
  3. Click here for a list of Vuelta Puerto Rico partner hotels.
  Drop Off your Bike
  1. Bikes can be dropped off at Vuelta Puerto Rico Bike partner bike shops (Bike and Bike Stop) for disassembly. will arrange for return shipping from these shops.
  2. Click here for a list of Vuelta Puerto Rico partner hotels.
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  All bikes shipped to Vuelta Puerto Rico are shipped exclusively through High Country Shipping shipping services
High Country Shipping's Additional Services
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bullet Luggage and Camping Gear Shipping: We can ship your luggage and camping gear to your hotel or to the start of the event.
Click here for a price quote
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