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Below you will find useful information to assist you when setting up a shipment with us.

  Steps to Shipping
  1. Gather customer information and shipping information from your customer.
(Note: Click here to downloadable our shipping order form or if the customer is present just enter information online when you get to STEP 3.)
  2. Determine if the bike case you are shipping an ‘Oversized' case.
Use our “Exclusive” Bike Case Calculator Click here to calculate your Bike Case Dimensional Size
Determine your Shipping Rate and Sign Up for Shipment

Addditional information to assist you

Packing and Labeling

How to Disassemble and Package a Bike ?

How to attach a Shipping Label to your Bike Case properly ?

Shipping and Pickup Details

Should I Schedule a Pickup ?

How do I know the Shipment arrived at its Destination ?

Insurance and Claims

How much Insurance should I place on my Shipment ?

How does Bike Shipping Insurance work ?

What if I have a Bike Shipping claim ?

and Shipping Reports

How do I Charge the Customer for Shipping Services ?

How do I get a Report for all shipments processed through my Bike Shop ?



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